Installous Is No More And The Best Alternative Is App VV

This will be a bad new for all the iPhone users and obviously very good news and new hope for an iPhone app developers because Installous and hackulous are no more and they are shut down. The reason behind the closing of its services are poor forum maintenance and stagnant updates and the major rea...


How To Unlock iPhone 4s

The iPhone 4S is one of the smartest Apple products and experts feel that this is one iPhone that is way ahead of its league. A complete touchscreen, the iPhone 4S is a 5th generation iPhone that is integrated with SIRI, a voice recognition system and iCloud, which is a cloud storage service. Released on October 14, 2011 for the first time, the iPhone 4S uses…

iPhone Update Problems and Solutions

iPhone by Apple is one of the most innovative and interactive end-user products in the market today. It offers an easy-to-use interface that makes the iPhone experience surreal; it has intuitive features that let you handle hundreds of apps but in spite of all the superlatives, when it comes to upgrades the iPhone can be quite a mess. Over the time and several versions of iPhone,…

iPhone Error 23 – Problem and Solution

The iPhone is a very powerful multitasking cellular phone manufactured by Apple, which is at the same time a data transfer device and an MP3 player. However, being a multitasking gadget, the iPhone quite often displays different kinds of errors that are represented by error serial numbers. One such error is iPhone Error 23, which usually appears while you are downloading some content to your iPhone….

iPhone Error 9 – Problem and Solution

iPhones are great devices, but it is after all a gadget. The purpose of adding the ‘after all’ is to imply the fact like all gadgets; iPhones are also susceptible to errors. To see your favorite iPhone displaying errors that cannot be apparently solved is sufficient to send even you in the despair mode. If there has been an error, there must be a solution, no…

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