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iPhone Email Problems and their Solutions

Many iPhone users are facing a lot of problems with email. They are facing problems in sending or receiving email messages. The email account configured in the user’s iPhone has been popping strange problems. Sometimes it simply refuses to accept any incoming mails and at other times it suffers from problems in the retrieval of mails.

Some common problems faced by iPhone users with their email

  • A particular user complained that was having trouble in syncing his emails with his iPhone. If he was successful in syncing it, the emails stopped working on his computers with the message ‘problem connecting server’. He was able to retrieve all his mails after providing all his account information but thereafter he could not send mails or receive mails on his iPhone. Thus, apparently he could only use either his computer or his iPhone!
  • Email settings often vary between the media that is used to access them. If you try to delete the affected email account and set it up from the start things might be okay.
  • Also, it has been noticed that if you try opening your email from different devices,
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    your email may actually ‘lock out’. This will prevent new mails from coming in.

  • Outlook is known for being troublesome on the iPhone. You might need to carry out some troubleshooting to use Outlook successfully. This could include deleting all email accounts, resetting network settings, manually adding mail accounts after disabling Wi-Fi and disabling the syncing of emails with iTunes.
  • Sometimes users also find their mail boxes frozen. This may result due to a recent software up gradation. This problem may also occur after a message has entered the mail box.
  • The iPhone mail does not work at all for those who get a lot of emails daily specially related to spam. iPhone does not have spam filters.


Solutions to iPhone Email Problems

  • Configure your email account directly on iPhone and not from your computer
    • Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and from there only add your email accounts under Accounts by tapping the Add Account option.
  • Turn of Wi-Fi and try fetching your mails by using the Cellular Data network
  • Try restarting your iPhone by pressing the sleep/wake up button for few seconds on turning it back on

After trying these options your iPhone should be back with your email account working perfectly fine. Otherwise you may need to visit the nearest Apple Store.


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