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iPhone Not Turning On and Its Solution

Sometimes you find that your iPhone can`t be switched on. The iPhone fails to respond on application of a press on the “Power” key despite being charged to the brim, do not panic. Your device might have jammed. Electronic gadgets tend to enter the clogged phase on some occasions. To rescue your device from such a state you can perform either a Hard or a Soft reset. Try to mend this problem with the aid of a Soft reset. If it works, well. But if it doesn`t, don’t attempt any further Soft reset.

This indicates that your device needs a hard reset. Restoration of iPhone to the original factory defaults will likely mend the drawback, besides the downside that you misplace all your data and information. Generally, iTunes keeps a backup of the stuff you did sync into your device. However, you should never forget to keep a copy and hard-copy of whatever you synchronize into the gadget. Now several attempts of hard reset can collapse your device permanently. So wisely take the decisions of performing reset.


Steps to perform Soft Reset


  • If any application on your iPhone is frozen, press and hold “Sleep/Wake” tablet at the upper right hand of your iPhone and the “Home” tablet at the base of the screen simultaneously.
  • Continue to press both the buttons until you observe a silver white screen followed by the Apple emblem at the center of the screen.
  • You should make sure to continue to press both the buttons even after the “Slide to Power Off” screen pops up.
  • Allow your iPhone some time to reboot. This process generally takes 1-5 minutes. This facilitates fixing small issues with the gadget.
  • When your iPhone has rebooted successfully, you will be prompted to “Unlock” your iPhone by entering the password if your device is password protected.


If the above mentioned steps couldn’t bring a solution to your problem, then start preparing for Hard reset.


Steps to perform Hard Reset


  • An internet connection is required for your pc and to download all the latest version of the application, iTunes along with the available updates navigating to the website:www.apple.com/itunes
  • Connect the device to your computer with the aid of USB sync cable.
  • Launch your iTunes in your pc.
  • In iTunes, opt for iPhone in Source panel and opt for “Summary” tab.
  • Push the choice “Check for update”. If any updates are available, make it a point to install the entire latest and updated version belonging to iTunes.
  • Push the “Update” key to install the latest version of this particular software. Else click “Restore” to restore all of the basic settings of your device to the initial state. This will erase all the info, calendar information, media etc.


Reset all settings

General -> Reset and opt for Reset all settings All your preferences and settings are reset. All your data, songs, movies and calendar information are not deleted from your device.


Erase all content

General -> Reset and opt for Erase all contents and Settings All your information and media are deleted from the device. You must re-sync your iPhone with iTunes to restore contacts, media, songs, videos and other information.


Reset your keyboard dictionary

General -> Reset and opt for Reset Keyboard Dictionary you add the words of your choice escaping the words iPhone suggests you to use. Tap a word to reject the correction and add the word to the keyboard dictionary. If you reset your keyboard,

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you will lose all the words you have added.


Steps to enter DFU state (Deep Firmware Upgrade)

1. Turn your iPhone off.
2. Connect your gadget to mac/pc with the help of USB sync cables.
3. Sync your device using the software iTunes.
4. Press and hold the duo of “Home” and “Power” key for 10 seconds.
5. Discharge the “Power” key but continue pushing “Home” key for another 10 seconds.
6. Now iTunes will detect iPhone in the so called recovery mode.


If the above mentioned steps failed to throw some light on your cause, visit you nearby Apple outlet for replacement of the device.


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