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iPhone 4 Antenna – Problems and Solutions

Perhaps, you may have experienced like many of our readers and staff members, a drop in your reception by the way you hold your iPhone 4. You may experience a bleak reception while you are using apps, browsing, emailing or while making calls.

What we initially thought was that the reception had to do with the strength of the coverage area, and Apple confirmed it- that reception does get affected the way we handle the phone and touch the antenna.

The Problem: Apple’s Explanation

“Gripping any mobile phone will result in some attenuation of its antenna performance, with certain places being worse than others depending on the placement of the antennas. This is a fact of life for every wireless phone.”

With the earlier versions of iPhone, antenna performance remained unaffected, irrespective of the way we held it. But, with iPhone 4 the story is different.

The Solution: Apple’s Explanation

Stop Holding It Wrong

If you experience bleak reception while performing any of your favorite activities, Apple suggests that we should avoid gripping the phone from the lower left corner, and rather hold it in such a way that we cover both sides of the black strip in the metal band.

The awkward way of holding your iPhone 4 may sound uncomfortable, because the glass provided at the front and the back of the phone is extremely slippery, and we grip it at the bottom to avoid the gadget from falling out of our hands. Further, it’s easier for us to browse or sent emails, especially in landscape mode. And, this is the major cause for antenna performance.

But, the reports we’ve received so far are encouraging. The solution aptly fits the user.

Use Apple’s Bumper Case

Apple’s Bumper Case priced at $30, neatly covers the edges of your iPhone 4 including those sensitive antenna points. The case not only resolves the antenna reception challenge, but also protects the glass from breaking if your phone slips out of your hands.

The downside of using it: interference with charging the cables, and using third-party docks. Further, it spoils the gorgeous design of the iPhone4.

If you detest the idea of hiding your smartphone then the alternative options are:

Use a Third-Party Case that protects your phone and flaunts your phone’s cool design. The price ranges between $25 and $45.

You can build your own iPhone Holder- a DIY idea.

Some Whacky Pseudo Solutions

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Use a Rubber band

Some of the readers vouched using a rubber band. Simply wrap it around your phone and receive proper antenna signals. Though you need to cut holes into the rubber band to charge your phone, yet this out-of-box solution does help.

Tape the Antenna Points

Our readers claim that by using small measures of tape for covering the antenna points fixed reception issues. We tried it and bingo it did work to an extent! Remember using heavy tapes like duct tapes will leave a mark on your phone. Use the lighter versions, instead.

Nail Polish Can You Believe It!

Yes! You read it correct. You can fix the issue by dabbing the antenna points with Clear nail polish. Although a handful of readers claimed that it works. I’m doubtful. How often you need to re-paint the places after the vigorous wear and tear.

These pseudo- solutions definitely sound erratic and may not work for all of you. But, for a floating ant a leaf is a big help!

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