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iPhone 4S Problems and Solutions

A gadget savvy mentality has taken over the generation and its regular whereabouts, and you are no exception there. To resolve uncanny plights and to hold a spirited communicative ability you also fall for technology.

We understand your need and feel your turbulences at the same time. Mobile phones are the lives of the group of people who dwell in modern society.

Along with the dynamic progression of every little thing, mobile phone also has augmented its features and has begotten the discovery of iPhone. iPhone is a personal innovation of the leading technology called Apple. Apple’s new innovation packed in a smaller device is iPhone 4s.

Customers are secured with the advantages of apple care for one circular year, but still to save your problems and make your desire your sole satisfaction, here are some solutions of the problems that iPhone 4s has faced while staying with the buyers.

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We understand your urgency and the following ready made solutions have been designed with the prime priority of device users only.

iPhone 4S Problems and Solutions

Q: How can I improve my device’s reception quality, affected by the ‘death grip’ of antenna, that has made a turmoil stand in my daily use of my favorite iPhone 4s?

A: This issue has been arrested by the technical team. You are advised to use a case if possible and you have to avoid the holding of the lower left side of your iPhone 4s. Connecting the metal made surface with your fingers is responsible for such a poor connection.

Q: I have found some yellow spots on the displaying screen of my phone and it has diminished the outer beauty of my iPhone 4s

A: You can solve this problem by holding your patience tight, reality says that this displaying problem has occurred due to some chemical use while making and this has not dried up completely by the time of shipping. Do not worry much about this as this has a quick repose.

Q: I have faced the problem of discoloration while taking pictures by the in-built camera

A: Yes, customers like you have complained against the poor color quality. Do not be tense as your problem would be resolved by the agreement of warranty.

Q: My iPhone 4s radiates excessive heat while working

A: Provide your iPhone 4s with the required cool environment and do not misuse the inner charge by continuous operation of radio or other entertainment.

Q: I am not satisfied with my battery life

A: You can bring satisfaction by less rather a measured and controlled use of radio. This iphone 4s has a larger battery capacity.

Q: I face turmoiling problems with my iPhone 4s while bringing this small piece of hardware close to my ear. I am very upset about this. Some of my calls unknowingly transfers on their own and the displaying monitor has also started making turbulence

A: This problem is not a new one. Many of the consumers have complained the same. This sensor proximity can be resolved by apple, the company. You take your iPhone 4S to them as soon as possible, as they will neither return you your pennies nor give you back a new set of iPhone. So please disclose your problems to them within the warranty period to make this service free of cost.

Q: The 3G data speed seems lower in a comparison with my previous phone

A: Yes, you need not worry a lot as such calamity has been fallen upon many users. Just visit apple and get rid of the problem.

Q: The sound bottoms are not that satisfactory

A: Yes we can understand the model is although very nicer looking but the sound arrangement seems to possess a dispute at the bottom. But this problem cannot be solved this way. Get satisfaction through the security of Apple.

Q: The glass back is too fragile that it evokes fear of being broken while operating

A: Yes, although apple claims this to be a stronger part of its phone it seems to be muck weaker. But this fragile glass should not evoke any mental tension. According to the physical law more strengthening can beget inner tension and lead the glass towards sudden shattering.

Q: I was actually seeking for the white color as this is my favorite one

A: Sorry, but this dimension of color is not available in the market now. Apple has thought about launching new colors but at present there are no varieties available in the market.

These above mentioned problems and solutions might solve your problems that have appeared recently. Actually apple iPhone 4s, the new launching has taken place with the duality of good and bad like other markers of excellence.

But the above mentioned solutions and a brief overview must solve your problems, reconcile your inner anxiety. As we do also understand that a new thing if that is an expensive one evokes more charm in your heart and a sudden fall can demolish every bit of this.

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