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iPhone Error 1002 – Problem and Solution

While I was traveling to my office today, I launched the browser on my iPhone and after a few minutes, my Smartphone automatically turned off. When I turned it on my phone went straight into the recovery mode, informing me that it does not recognize the IMEI or code number.

It was simply unbelievable for me and I decided to turn it off/on was. But, alas to my disappointment and horror, it displayed the same message.

So, then I decided to head back home, take a day off from the office and headed straight towards my PC for restoring my iPhone. Unfortunately, it seemed that the Gods were displeased with my fibbing, as my iPhone’s status bar ran but hung after a while, and the last written code I could read on my lovely gadget was iPhone error 1002! Eventually I sent it for repair.

Have you come across this instance?

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While my baby was away, I decided to do a bit of research and this is what I learnt about iPhone Error 1002 and how to fix it.

The Problem: What is iPhone Error 1002?

iPhone Error 1002 is a baseband error. It basically means that the radio on your phone is broken and you need to replace the main logic board. This is a hardware problem, and it seems many people have been bugged by this issue, the world over.

Since, Error 1002 is a hardware problem, therefore, difficult to resolve, perhaps cannot be removed. In such a scenario, after trying the below mentioned procedure, you are unable to fix the problem then it’s best to make a warranty claim. If the warranty recently expired, simply accept the substitute of your original iPhone by paying a mutually agreed upon amount.

The Solution: Apple’s Take On it

Step 1: Download Quickpwn 2.2

Step 2: Open iTtunes, try to restore it

Step 3: Error 1002 is displayed

Step 4: Open Quickpwn

Step 5: A message should popup indicating that you must restart your iPhone

Step 6: Follow the instructions that emerge after you restart your iPhone

Step 7: When Apple boot logo appears, close Quickpwn

Now, your iPhone should normally boot up and iTunes will recognize your phone as new. It might seem like jail breaking, but at least give it a try before replacing your device or its parts.

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