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iPhone Error 1604 – Problem and Solution

If like me, you too own the precious creation by Steve Jobs, the iPhone, then you must have panicked to fix your Smartphone, the moment, it went static and froze, showed an empty battery status, failed to recharge, and finally displayed the ‘yellow triangle” to notify restoration is required.

Worry not, as multitudes of iPhone users are trying to find a fix to the iPhone Error 1604, just like us! So, here I am trying to help my fellow iPhone users to resolve iPhone Error 1604 restore error.

iPhone Error 1604

This is one of the common errors that users get while they are trying to restore the iPhone after getting some error while either transferring files from their laptops or charging the device via USB. iPhones normally end up in showing the yellow triangle where you are requested to restore it and subsequently it fails to restore giving the error number 1604.

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In this case iPhone normally can’t provide you with any further technical details or instructions on how to fix it. So here is my attempt to get you out of the disaster.

Statutory Warning: Please note that while fixing this error you may lose all your data. Do it at your own risk.

Solution for iPhone Error 1604

Step 1: Ensure your iPhone is not connected to your computer, and iTunes app is closed. Also, you can use the previous version of iTunes, no need to install a fresh version.

Step 2:

For Windows XP Users

Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\<login with your windows username>\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates

For Windows 7 and Vista Users

Navigate to C: Users\<login with your windows username>\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\Device Support

Cut and paste files from iPhone Software Updates folder to another location. If this process fails, then simply copy and paste to a new location. Performing either of the processes will enable you to copy the updates back when your phone begins to work.

Use Ctrl-Alt-Del to find your windows username. If, you cannot find the iPhone Software update files, then you are searching in an incorrect folder.

Step 3: Now, launch iTunes and start your iPhone in recovery mode.

Step 4: Proceed with the restoration process and iTunes will automatically update via online. If downgrading your iPhone to a lower version, execute step 3 and only leave your desired firmware file to be downgraded. Simply, double- click the custom firmware file for restoring and iTunes will instantly begin the process.

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Hope this guide will help you fix the iPhone Error 1604. Again, this process may not work on every version of iPhone.

Here is the official Apple Support Forum for iPhone Error 1604.

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