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iPhone Error 1611 – Problem and Solution

When you are about to update or trying to restore your iPhone, the process may suddenly stop because of an error. The error message appears on the display, indicating a specific error has occurred. The serial number of the error points out the sort of error.

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The iPhone Error 1611 Problem

iPhone Error 1611 is usually associated with faulty hardware. The report from several users across the globe states that iPhone randomly shuts down, whenever the user is trying to restore or upgrade the phone. Now, can you restore the iPhone with the error 1611? Simply not! Why? Because, the MAC address could be missing or the IMEI has not been changed from the default (00 499901 064000 0), ye another reason is that obsolete or wrongly configured proxy or security anti-virus can cause hardware malfunction.

The Solution

Remove Interference and Restart

Whilst extra devices are put into the USB besides the iPhone, they can obstruct the synchronization. Remove all the devices and the wire cables to resolve the issue. Make use of the 30-pin Dock Connector that came along with your iPhone, and it should be inserted into 2.0 port. If you are making use of the iPhone dock, connecting the iPhone straight into the PC may be of assistance. Unplugging the iPhonea and subsequently restarting the PC can fix the trouble.


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The last possible key is to refurbish the iPhone to factory settings, basically erasing the whole thing on the handset, and then formatting the fundamental software. Make use of only branded high-quality Dock Connector, PC and network to guarantee nothing else might be causing the trouble. The “Restore” key is situated under the “Check for Updates” key, which comes into view when you touch the iPhone’s name.

Other Problems

Out-of-date or badly configured software, such as firewalls and anti malwares can get in the way of the synchronizing process and can be the root of the iPhone Error 1611, in particular, if the restore doesn’t work.

Updating or temporarily putting this software out of action may allow the iPhone and iTunes to hook up as usual. Nevertheless, a factual error 1611 is hardware fault, implying that something is wrong with the hardware. This might be as easy as a small piece of rubbish in the docks where the Dock Connector goes in, which can be softly uncontaminated with a needle or blowing, or it might be as grave as decomposed or melted electrics. A hardware trouble needs to be tested by an Apple technician; don’t try to repair it on your own.

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