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iPhone Error 23 – Problem and Solution

The iPhone is a very powerful multitasking cellular phone manufactured by Apple, which is at the same time a data transfer device and an MP3 player. However, being a multitasking gadget, the iPhone quite often displays different kinds of errors that are represented by error serial numbers.

One such error is iPhone Error 23, which usually appears while you are downloading some content to your iPhone. More or less, every iPhone user has to face at least once, these kinds of errors. Whether these errors can lead to questioning the flawlessness of the iPhone is another question, but it is sensible to understand that gadgets are always susceptible to one error or another.

Here we are dealing with the appearance of the iPhone Error 23 and how to resolve it.

iPhone Error 23 Problem

If your iPhone cannot restore or update the software and shows a black screen, then the first step is not to panic and press keys haphazardly on the iPhone, as that confusion can even complicate the problem, further.

Whether your iPhone has been infected by a virus or not, is something that will only become clear, if the iPhone fails to perform even after following the usual steps of resolving the Error 23. If you are wondering what the usual procedures to get rid of the error, then, presented here are the guidelines for the purpose.

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The Solution

The resolution process is actually quite simple. All you have to do is to follow the procedure of restarting the iPhone in the DFU mode, access the backup and restore the phone data.DFU stands for Device Firmware Update, by the way.

Entering DFU mode

Step 1: Open iTunes and connect the iPhone to the computer via the USB cable.

Step 2: Press simultaneously the Home button and the sleep/Awake button for about 10 seconds. (don’t be impatient and let go)

Step 3: Then follow this by keeping the pressure on the Sleep/Awake button, but keep on holding the Home button. You will see a window appearing in iTunes stating, “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.” Press the Ok button in the window and you will see the iPhone screen will be blank.

Backup and Restore data

Step 1: In the left column of iTunes, under the Devices tab, select the iPhone

Step 2: Right click or click on the iPhone, while simultaneously holding down the Ctrl key in your keyboard.

Step 3: Select the Backup option from the popup menu. Your iTunes will inform you when the backup has been complete.

Step 4: Follow this by the right clicking again the iPhone option under the Devices tab. Now select the Restore from Backup from the popup menu.

Once this entire process has been completed, your iPhone should be fully repaired of the Error 23 with the settings and information as they are. You should follow the same steps if the problem is repeated later again.

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