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iPhone Error 28 – Problem and Solution

Yes, the iPhone is no doubt a great gadget; music, video and other numerous apps makes it a fascinating experience. When does iPhone become a brick? Precisely when the iPhone suddenly, sometimes quite out of the blue, displays an error message saying the there’s an unknown error that cannot be resolved.

You start to panic (which is of no help in critical situations btw) and doing everything you can just to see that nothing fruitful is happening.

The iPhone Error 28 somewhat falls in this category. This error is frustrating, as it cannot be resolved by the usual method of putting the iPhone in the DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode and restoring the backup data.

When the DFU technique does not work, panic and despair is natural, but you should try to make conclusions out of confusions. For instance, if the DFU mode is not working, then it may simply imply that the problem is not software related (otherwise the DFU process would have resolved it) but is hardware related.

Yes, the iPhone Error 28 is hardware related problem. Presented in the following paragraph is the solution, perhaps the only solution to the iPhone Error 28.

iPhone Error 28 Problem

The precise problem that is causing iPhone Error 28 is that the NAND chip on the “hard disc” that handles the boot up process of the iPhone and is corrupted. Since this is a hardware related problem, unless you repair or replace the hardware, the problem keeps appearing.

So, it is time to take open the machine, but following a systematic process of course. Here is how to do it.

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Statuary Warning: Before you are dismantling the iPhone, it is important to rememeber that dismantling the gadget will permanently void the warranty of the iPhone, and if the procedures for repair are not properly followed, the phone may be completely damaged.

If you can get the iPhone back to Apple or allow the tech support to assist you, then it’s great. If none of the above scenarios are possible for you, then, well the machine is as good as dead with the onslaught of Error 28, so it makes some sense at least to dismantle the iPhone and carry on the repair process.


You will tools like precision screw drivers and small suction cup. You will also need a Windows operating system (no Mac). Also you will require iTunes 10.1.2 or later, iREB RC3 and iPhone 3GS Custom iOS 4.2.1 firmware.

The Solution to iPhone Error 28

Steps to Recovery

Step 1: Remove the logic board and put it in side for at least half an hour. Separating the logic board from the battery clears the memory handling the boot process. Similar results can be obtained if the iPhone is left uncharged for 5 days at stretch.

Step 2: Now re-assemble the iPhone carefully.

Step 3: Right click on iREB RC3 and run as administrator on Windows 7. Go to the recovery mode loop fixer tab and click on the Set auto Boot True.

Step 4: Go again to the iREB tab and select 3GS. The iPhone will beset to pawn the DFU mode, so that it can accept the iPhone 3GS custom iOS 4.2.2 firmware that you just downloaded.

Step 5: Finally, launch iTune and press Shift+ Restore and point to the custom IPSW. Restore begins and you wait patiently unless it’s done.

This should work 99% of the time unless the NAND chip is damaged.

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