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iPhone Error 9 – Problem and Solution

iPhones are great devices, but it is after all a gadget. The purpose of adding the ‘after all’ is to imply the fact like all gadgets; iPhones are also susceptible to errors. To see your favorite iPhone displaying errors that cannot be apparently solved is sufficient to send even you in the despair mode.

If there has been an error, there must be a solution, no matter how persistent the error might be.

Therefore, it is recommended for you to conduct some research about the error, just what you are doing right now, and then take suggestions from other people and other websites to resolve the error.

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iPhone Error 9 Problem

The iPhone Error 9 is a dreaded error, as it cannot be resolved easily and may re-occur after a while. The iPhone Error 9 falls in the persistent category. The Error 9 is something that cannot be really avoided, how much you try. Even consulting with the Apple tech support for hours at stretch often does not seem to give a solution. Even the usual procedure for resolving error, which is by placing the iPhone in the DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode, does not seem to give a solution to the problem.

Even the most damaged iPhone gets restored with the DFU process, but perhaps Error 9 is a challenge. Whether this has anything to do with the number 9 being the highest number in the numerical series or not is not known, but what is known is that Error 9 almost means the machine has been stopped from functioning.

To add to the confusion, the word ‘unknown’ is added to the Error 9 in an error message which reads ‘unknown Error 9’.

The Solution

If by so far, you have moved deeper into your despair mode, then it is time that you know the solution before you yourself become impatient and get yourself into unrecoverable despair. That simply does not make any sense. Well, the solution is that Error 9 is not a software related problem but a hardware related problem.

Specifically speaking, this hardware related problem is associated with the Flash memory chip namely Samsung 843 K9MDG0805M.

All you have to do is to replace this memory chip.

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