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iPhone in Recovery Mode

iPhone totally messed up? iTunes is not responding to your actions? It`s high time to invoke and summon recovery mode. In recovery mode, you can find the pathway to escape from all possible types of clogging of the device.

Method to enter recovery state

  1. Make it a point to have the current edition, iTunes (8.0.2) installed in your computer.
  2. Connect the iPhone with the aid of USB cables to the computer.
  3. Switch off the device by pressing the “Power” key, until the screen flashes the message which asks to slide, to turn off the gadget.
  4. Advance by pressing the “Home” button as you re-establish the connection of the device with your computer with the aid of USB wires.
  5. Once you finished constructing the connection, switch on the device.
  6. Continue to press and hold the key called “Home”. This will navigate you to a silvery white screen showcasing the Apple emblem.
  7. It`s time to connect to iTunes.
  8. Finally the device explores recovery state.

The following steps are to be followed as you enter recovery state:

Reset the device -> press and hold together your Home Button as well as Sleep/Wake button until u experience a blank screen followed by the Apple emblem to reset your device.

Restoring from backup -> plug the device into your computer and access iTunes. Click on the Restore option in iTunes and while reboot, select the option to restore from backup, you created earlier.

Set it as a new device -> If the problem persists, perform the above and while reboot select the option to set it up as a new device instead of backup restore. Your contents should be set to re-sync.

I hope these strides will help you to overcome all the hurdles that you had to encounter. If these fail to be beneficial, then it`s high time to pay a visit to the Apple outlet for exact solutions provided by qualified experts.

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